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About Effy Jewelry Coupon Codes 

  • Since 1979, Effy Hematian has been designing a number of the world’s most distinctive jewelry. As a professionally trained engineer, Effy features a passion for exquisite workmanship that’s evident in each bit of jewellery — and a vision that begins before he even starts sketching. Effy’s lifelong muse is that the panther, whose beauty and power inspires the bold designs synonymous with Effy’s Signature Collection. His love of color comes through in vibrant, dazzling gemstones and elegantly playful pieces. This sense of daring is rooted during a commitment to quality: what Effy himself calls an obsession with craftsmanship. At its core, Effy’s business is made around family and community. Effy has been living, designing, and manufacturing within the U.S. for quite three decades, and each meticulously handcrafted piece of jewellery is infused together with his creative vision. “From day one, I have been hooked into quality and craftsmanship.”
    Effy’s bold, stylish jewelry fuses an adventurous sensibility with meticulous craftsmanship. The flawlessly made, trend-driven pieces are instantly recognizable because of vivid gemstones that appeal to your inner explorer. Exotic touches and global influences make each bit of Effy Jewelry stand out — but Effy’s crystal clear vision allows for endless mixing and matching. Effy Jewelry is often found across the world because of boutiques aboard luxury Princess and Carnival Cruise ships. Effy also has locations in Alaskan and Caribbean ports, and their jewelry is stocked by fine retailers around the world.
    Elevated Luxury. Where the top of expertise and color meet. Innovative, one-of-a-kind settings and luxury materials set the tone for a replacement, inspired collection of fine jewelry with a definite style & taste for extravagance…More detail

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